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SMS for Logistics & Transportations


SMS  marketing for Logistics & Transportations is the most effective form of mobile marketing in terms of generating engagement with your customers, raising brand awareness and increasing sales. SMS message Logistics & Transportations marketing uses a simple yet versatile channel of communication that most people have access to and costs only pennies per text message per customer.

In addition to its simplicity and cost, one of the main advantages of a Logistics & Transportations text marketing service is that it is a permission-based activity. This means that customers have to opt into the service in order to receive SMS messages from your Logistics & Transportations. Whenever you launch a mobile marketing campaign, it is being directed at existing customers interested in what your business has to say.

Benefits for you...

Text marketing will increase foot traffic to your business
It will increase your sales and customer base
It will build brand awareness
You can reward your loyal customers while creating new ones
You will establish more of a personal relationship with your customers
You'll instantly communicate to your customers
You'll be awesome for utilizing an "Eco-Friendly" marketing method
Your customers will forward your text specials to their friends
You get the love and support from real people at  Text 

Benefits for your customers..

They will conveniently receive specials and info right to their phones
They will stay in the loop with your business
They Don't have to carry paper coupons
They won't feel forgotten due to lack of marketing reach
They feel refreshed to receive marketing messages via a new and exciting communication stream 

Uses for SMS marketing in Logistics & Transportations

Breakfast, lunch & dinner specials
Mobile text coupons
Customers can help spread your word by forwarding texts to friends
Buy one, get one specials
Upcoming event reminders
Strategically schedule texts to blast out before dinner time or upcoming events
Reservation reminders
Staff Communications


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