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Solution for Real Estate Industry

Real estate text message marketing is an effective method of connecting with vendors, buyers, brokers, landlords and tenants in an industry where the speed of communication is vital. By offering a real estate texting service, you can attract potential homebuyers and rental clients to your business faster than by any other media and share new opportunities with clients and colleagues as they become available.

As word spreads that your real estate texting service is attracting potential homebuyers and rental clients - and helping to close deals faster - more vendors and landlords will also be attracted to your business. This is turn creates a larger volume of opportunities for your new property-seeking clients - opportunities you can share by real estate text message marketing



Why Real Estate Text Message Marketing is so Effective?

Real estate text message marketing takes advantage of the intimacy and immediacy of SMS text messaging to reach large groups of people quickly. More than 98% of the population has a mobile device capable of receiving an SMS text message, and more than 90% of those people keep their mobile device within reach at all times of the day. Not surprisingly, SMS text messages have an open and read rate much higher than messages sent by any other form of electronic communication.

Importantly, real estate text message marketing is a permission-based activity (more about the laws relating to real estate text message marketing can be found below). The people you will be contacting with the texting software for real estate are those who have expressed a desire to receive your text marketing messages. Consequently your messages will be received only by those people interested in purchasing or renting a property - saving costs while making the service more effective than most other forms of direct marketing.

Building a List of Contacts with Texting Software

Most real estate businesses will already have an extensive list of contacts when they start a real estate texting service, and the best texting software for real estate comes with a flexible SMS API allowing for easy integration with your contact list and property database. However, as you begin real estate text message marketing, your contact list is likely to grow substantially when you start using keywords and short codes.

Most real estate businesses use keywords and short codes on notices outside properties for sale and rent as an easy way for potential clients to find out more about the property (for example, “text `house` to 313131 to find out more about this property”). When the prospective buyer/tenant texts the keyword to the short code, the texting software for real estate adds the client to your list of contacts and they are opted in to receive future real estate text message marketing

Here's a list of some text marketing benefits and uses...

Benefits for the agents...

You can instantly blast out property listing info to interested buyers whenever
Collegare Text records numbers that text in for info so you can call them later
It helps to streamline lead generation in new and effective way
Text marketing saves money on pint and ad costs
You can schedule messages, alerts & reminders to go out on specific dates and times

Benefits for the buyers...

They can instantly get more info on a listing without having to pick up the phone
They can have the agent's number texted right back to their phone so there's no need to write things down.

Uses for text marketing / SMS marketing in the real estate industry...

Easy lead generation
Give interested buyers quick, non-obtrusive information about properties
Updated interested parties on new info with a property
Schedule appointment reminders with home buyers.

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