Bulk Voice Automated Service Provider

A voice SMS is a pre-recorded voice message usually less than 30 seconds that can be sent to multiple users (mass group of people) simultaneously. Voice SMS can be sent in your own recorded voice and in regional languages as well to give it a more personal touch. Collegare Voice SMS application fits all you needs and business requirements. We design our infrastructure for all type & size of business. High speed, highly scalable cloud setup, Huge capacity ensure Fast, Reliable & Secure services & reliable mode of communication, that is being used in diverse sectors such as Real- Estate companies, Education Institutes, Gym & Health Clubs, Clubs & Societies, Retail, Financial Sector, Stock Market, Airline / Travel, IT Enables Services, Automobiles, Recruitment Companies, Hospitality, Media, Enterprises, banks and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing. Bulk Voice SMS solutions is a revolutionary communications technology that delivers a recorded voice message to hundreds or even thousands of call recipients in a very short period of time. Bulk Voice sms services which is also called Voice call service, by using this service any business can communicate with it potential customer by sending pre recorded voice message through a fully automated Online System


Personal Touch: Voice message has greater emotions compared to text; hence a more personal way of communicating.
Reach out to large Indian target audience which is not well versed in English language.
Get instant response by using interactive features (Asking users to press a key for their response).
You will be charged only for successful calls connected.
Complete real-time reporting to measure the response of the campaign.
Voice SMS is handset or SIM independent, hence can be used universally for all mobile users.
Extremely helpful for marketers who want to promote their products/services in rural market.
Send message in your own recorded voice (no system generated prompt).
Even we can record your message in our state of the art digital recording studio.

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Bulk SMS Marketing will help you to promote your business in your targeted city or state to generate business leads or to be in contact with your company clients to be in a good relation.This will help you to give them updates about your company services, new offers, greetings etc. This SMS normally used by schools, colleges, real estate, banks, hospitals, foundations, political parties, recharge companies, retail shops.

How it suits you:

1- For new product launches
2- New scheme promotions
3- Discounts Offers Alerts
4- Employee engagement
5- Advertising campaigns
6- Sales lead generation

Benefits of SMS Marketing

1- Instant communication & Instant Deliverability
2- Solid open rate
3- Greater engagement levels
4- Flexible Platform
5- High Conversion Rate
6- Limitless Market Potential

Collegare India Leading advanced Bulk SMS Solution Provider in Navi Mumbai & Navi Mumbai ; We've coverage of all india major cities like New Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, indore, Jaipur, Hydrabad, Chennai Etc. We also Offer other services like Voice SMS, Bulk Email Solution, IVR & Missed call services, SEO

Best Bulk sms marketing company in india, truly trusted & provide dedicated account manager for our every campaigns. Recommeded to everyone.
Vintage Enterprise, Andheri

Benefits for your customers..

conveniently receive specials and info right to their phones
They won't feel forgotten due to lack of marketing reach
They feel refreshed to receive marketing messages via a new and exciting communication stream

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